Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Vancouver, WA

Wheel alignment can be affected by several contributing factors such as road conditions and driving habits. Misaligned wheels will negatively impact tire life, your automobiles safe handling, and fuel efficiency. To ensure that you maintain your vehicles correct alignment, it is important that routine wheel alignments are performed. Visit Pegoraro Auto Repair for a comprehensive, honest, systematic and precise wheel alignment repair.

Wheel Alignments for All Automobiles

From cars, trucks, vans, to SUVs, weve got you covered. Our highly experienced ASE-Certified technicians have been performing precise wheel alignments in Vancouver since 2006. We are ready to perform precise wheel alignments that save you money from expensive tire replacements and unnecessary fuel consumption, and to ultimately keep you and your family safely driving your automobile in all conditions.

Our Wheel Alignment Process:

  • Detailed inspection of wheel and tire conditions
  • Adjustment of camber, toe-in, and caster to correct manufacturer specs
  • Adjustment of tire pressure to manufacturer specs