What’s in the Shop 7/11/19

As part of a new blog segment that Pegoraro Auto Repair will be doing to give customers more information on cars and vehicles in general, we wanted to talk about some of the vehicles that come through the shop. Being an automotive shop that works on almost all makes and models, including gas, diesel, and electric, we see a lot of different cars and trucks. Most of the vehicles we see are in pretty good condition and have owners that take pride in what they drive. We're here to help them take care of those vehicles, and to make sure everything is in great condition. As a benefit to you, and to help inform you as the customer on a little bit of general info and repairs, we wanted to talk about a few of the vehicles that come in! This blog is simply the opinions of our shop and is not intended to favor any car over another.

This week, on "What's in the Shop?" To kick off this weeks segment I'm going to start with a 2013 Dodge Challenger. This Challenger has the "medium" 5.7-liter engine. I say medium because its the middle of the line for them as they also offer a smaller 3.6-liter and a bigger 6.4-liter engine, though this one is producing a 375 horsepower (hp) which gives it more power than most cars on the road. The Challenger, sticking with its American Muscle Car design, is a big and heavy car which is not ideal for tight turns or quick stops. The bigger engine naturally will lower your fuel mileage as well. The vehicle came in for a brake inspection and we found the front brakes pretty worn. Both rotors and pads needed to be replaced along with a brake fluid exchange which is always recommended anytime brakes are being done. Our Comprehensive inspection came up pretty clean as the low mileage and regular maintenance on the vehicle has it in great condition.

The Second Vehicle is an 07 Ford F-450. The customer of this vehicle came in and stated that the vehicle lacks power. After diagnosing the repair on this was to remove the turbocharger and clean the unison ring as well as replace the turbocharger actuator. Being that this truck is used for a general contractor who pulls trailers, to have this issue at 165k miles isn't uncommon. As for the vehicle itself and what it's used for, this vehicle is definitely a great choice. The Ford F-150 is America's best selling vehicle, so most Ford trucks get an A grade from us.

Lastly, we have a 2017 Lexus RX350. This car just hit its 30k mark so the Lexus maintenance light came on to let the customers know it was time to bring it in. 30k is a pretty basic service, with the synthetic oil change, and brake fluid exchange being the top items. An air filter, tire rotation, and key fob battery round out the list. For an SUV, this Lexus is definitely reliable, offers a nice drive, and has many luxury features. Aesthetically the large Grille is a head-turner, along with the sharp lines that keep the look of it sporty. If we were to make a change, we'd like to see the engine produce a little higher horsepower to be on par with some of its rivals.