Expert Brake Service in Vancouver Washington

Having okay brakes is not okay. With all the safety systems that cars have, the first and most important is your brakes. Nobody has to tell you the importance of brakes and what can happen when your brakes don't work, you already know. What you want to be aware of though are the warning signs to have your brakes inspected.

Common warning signs include:

  • The ABS light on your vehicle is on
  • If your brake pedal feels spongy or is slow to respond
  • If grinding or constant squeaking/squealing happens during braking
  • Some vehicles have a Brake Service Maintenance reminder as well

There's no reason to have an accident that could have been avoided because of routine brake service and maintenance. A Pegoraro Auto Repair, conveniently located in Vancouver WA, we understand not wanting to pay for things unnecessarily as well. You can rest assured that with our brake inspections, we'll give you photos of your vehicle, the service areas, and a clear explanation to inform you so you can make the best decision possible.

Remember, there's more to brakes than just stopping your car. Brake fluids, brake fluid flushes, brake pads, brake rotors, etc.. At Pegoraro we'll make it easy for you with detailed reports and explanations. We make scheduling easy and offer shuttle service and complimentary loaner vehicle use. Call today to schedule an inspection if you're experiencing any of the issues above, or anything else you'd like us to look at.