What’s Routine Maintenance?

If you’re asking that question your not alone. Many people aren’t aware that their vehicle needs regular maintenance along with the 19.99 oil change special. There are many benefits to keeping up on your vehicle as well. Save money, though it may seem like... read more

Expert Brake Service in Vancouver Washington

Having okay brakes is not okay. With all the safety systems that cars have, the first and most important is your brakes. Nobody has to tell you the importance of brakes and what can happen when your brakes don’t work, you already know. What you want to be aware of... read more

Diesel Service at Pegoraro Auto Repair

At Pegoraro Auto Repair, giving your diesel vehicle the excellent service it deserves is what we’re all about. We’ve been serving the Vancouver and surrounding Clark County areas with exceptional diesel service for more than 10 years. As an EPA-compliant shop we have... read more

BMW Service in Vancouver, WA

At Pegoraro Auto Repair, conveniently located in Vancouver WA, taking exceptional care of you and your vehicle is our number one goal. With our highly trained and certified technicians, your car will receive the exceptional service it deserves. With extensive... read more

5 Simple Steps For Getting Your Vehicle Ready For Winter

Winter is coming, and for us in the Pacific Northwest, specifically the Vancouver Portland metro area, that means rain, more rain, and probably snow. And while we’ve come to expect this, sometimes we need a reminder to get us prepared. The worst time to have issues... read more


Honda Fit: Surging and hesitating while driving at highway speeds: This customer brought her vehicle that was surging and hesitating while driving at freeway speeds. The check engine (service engine soon) light was not on and never illuminated for the customer. We... read more