What’s in the Shop 7/11/19

As part of a new blog segment that Pegoraro Auto Repair will be doing to give customers more information on cars and vehicles in general, we wanted to talk about some of the vehicles that come through the shop. Being an automotive shop that works on almost all makes and models, including gas, diesel, and electric, we see a lot of different cars and trucks. Most of the vehicles we see are in pretty good condition and have owners that take pride in what they drive. We’re here to help them take care of those vehicles, and to make sure everything is in great condition. As a benefit to you, and to help inform you as the customer on a little bit of general info and repairs, we wanted to talk about a few of the vehicles that come in! This blog is simply the opinions of our shop and is not intended to favor any car over another. This week, on “What’s in the Shop?” To kick off this weeks segment I’m going to start with a 2013 Dodge Challenger. This Challenger has the “medium” 5.7-liter engine. I say medium because its the middle of the line for them as they also offer a smaller 3.6-liter and a bigger 6.4-liter engine, though this one is producing a 375 horsepower (hp) which gives it more power than most cars on the road. The Challenger, sticking with its American Muscle Car design, is a big and heavy car which is not ideal for tight turns or quick stops. The bigger engine naturally will lower your fuel mileage as well. The... read more
8 Steps for Getting your Car Ready For Spring

8 Steps for Getting your Car Ready For Spring

Spring has officially arrived, which means out with the snow, and in with the sun (and to no surprise for us in Washington and Oregon, the rain). You no longer need snow tires or winter coats, but here are a few things you should do to prepare your car for spring. 1. Wash and detail your car To begin the detailing process at home, start with a basic car wash, washing from the top of the car down. Once you have washed the exterior of your car, use vehicle polish on the exterior to help remove any scratches. After you apply the polish, go ahead and use some wax to seal the finish. Once you’re finished waxing, you may want to use a microfiber buffing cloth to remove excess wax and to leave the exterior with a glossy, clean finish. Now on the inside of your vehicle, you are going to want to vacuum the floors and seats (if they are cloth), or use leather cleaner if your car has leather interior. Using interior wipes is an easy way to get rid of the small particles that may be found on your dashboard, near your gear shift, etc. Lastly, you may want to go in with a small detail brush to get any particles out of the hard-to-reach, smaller areas inside of your car. 2. Wash the undercarriage Washington got a decent amount of snow this winter, and road salt and other winter-related gunk can build up on the bottom of your vehicle. It is important to wash the undercarriage of your car during the change of seasons, to... read more

5 Tips for Keeping your Diesel Engine at Peak Performance

#1 Keep it Clean – Follow all regular maintenance intervals. By waiting and putting off minor things you may cause major issues that could have been prevented, all for a fraction of the cost of major repairs. #2 Regularly Monitor the Coolant – Don't let it wear down too much and become too acidic, instead keep it in clean and changed when needed. This will help prevent bigger issues with other components like the radiator which can lead to more costly repairs. #3 Stay up to Date on Oil Changes – Most diesel vehicles need an oil change every 5,000 miles, though some manufacturers may recommend every 3,000 miles. Depending on how you drive or if you tow often, your vehicle may benefit from every 3,000 even if the manufacturer says 5,000. #4 Change the Fuel Filters – Fuel filters wear out so change them! Set a reminder or have a set maintenance plan so your fuel filters are being changed every 10-15 thousand miles. This will help keep things clean and protect your engine. #5 – Change Your Air Filters – Your air filter plays a vital role in keeping things clean and working as they're supposed to. Change them regularly and protect your Diesel! At Pegoraro we understand you want to keep your diesel running how it was supposed to. We'll give you the necessary recommendations and set you up with a maintenance plan to minimize major repairs! Give us a call or stop on in and let us know how we can help... read more

What’s Routine Maintenance?

If you’re asking that question your not alone. Many people aren’t aware that their vehicle needs regular maintenance along with the 19.99 oil change special. There are many benefits to keeping up on your vehicle as well. Save money, though it may seem like your spending to do some of these services, it will save you from larger repairs down the road. It will also help your car last longer, or if you choose to sell it will typically sell for more with service records. Save time. Though you’ll go to the shop, it’s much less time to do the preventative maintenance the manufacturer recommends than fixing after it breaks or goes bad. Often times you will then have to fix or repair additional parts that connect/interact as well. Fuel Efficiency. Keeping up on maintenance helps your engine run smoother and often times will keep your mpg from falling below what the vehicle is rated for. Safety. You don’t want your car breaking down on a road trip, in the middle of the night, or in the middle of the road, etc.. Basic maintenance goes a long way in making your car more reliable and therefore keeping you safe. By being the premier auto repair shop in Vancouver WA, we’ll keep you up to date with a comprehensive inspection and vehicle maintenance plan. This means we’ll use the manufacturer recommendations and our certified mechanics to inspect your vehicle and give you the info you need to make the best decisions. Backed with our 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on all our services and repairs, you can rest assured knowing you... read more

Expert Brake Service in Vancouver Washington

Having okay brakes is not okay. With all the safety systems that cars have, the first and most important is your brakes. Nobody has to tell you the importance of brakes and what can happen when your brakes don’t work, you already know. What you want to be aware of though are the warning signs to have your brakes inspected. Common warning signs include: The ABS light on your vehicle is on If your brake pedal feels spongy or is slow to respond If grinding or constant squeaking/squealing happens during braking Some vehicles have a Brake Service Maintenance reminder as well There’s no reason to have an accident that could have been avoided because of routine brake service and maintenance. A Pegoraro Auto Repair, conveniently located in Vancouver WA, we understand not wanting to pay for things unnecessarily as well. You can rest assured that with our brake inspections, we’ll give you photos of your vehicle, the service areas, and a clear explanation to inform you so you can make the best decision possible. Remember, there’s more to brakes than just stopping your car. Brake fluids, brake fluid flushes, brake pads, brake rotors, etc.. At Pegoraro we’ll make it easy for you with detailed reports and explanations. We make scheduling easy and offer shuttle service and complimentary loaner vehicle use. Call today to schedule an inspection if you’re experiencing any of the issues above, or anything else you’d like us to look... read more

Diesel Service at Pegoraro Auto Repair

At Pegoraro Auto Repair, giving your diesel vehicle the excellent service it deserves is what we’re all about. We’ve been serving the Vancouver and surrounding Clark County areas with exceptional diesel service for more than 10 years. As an EPA-compliant shop we have you covered, whether you’re looking for routine diesel maintenance, diesel service or diesel repair. Some of our best services include complete diesel engine overhauls and high-performance diesel builds. Our ASE-Certified technicians hold years of experience with almost any diesel make, including a Ford with a Power Stroke engine, a Chevy with a Duramax engine, or a Dodge with a Cummins engine. We also service Audi, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz diesel models. You can rest assured the diesel experts at Pegoraro Auto Repair know your diesel vehicle. We respect the importance of keeping your diesel vehicle serviced, repaired and running well, all in good time. Our certified diesel technicians understand your engine and all of its routine maintenance and performance needs. We’re dedicated to making your experience at Pegoraro Auto Repair an excellent one. Along with all the general service your diesel engine requires, we specialize in the following areas: Diesel Repair Complete Engine Overhaul High-Performance Builds Head Gaskets Oil Coolers High-Performance Fuel Pumps Injector Service Bullet Proofing Basic Maintenance Oil Changes Tuning Call Pegoraro Auto Repair today and tell us about your diesel vehicle. We will listen to your needs. Then, once you bring your vehicle to us, we’ll cover all manufacturer recommendations and make suggestions from our comprehensive inspection report. Altogether, we’ll keep your diesel running at its best, while making sure you get exceptional customer... read more

BMW Service in Vancouver, WA

At Pegoraro Auto Repair, conveniently located in Vancouver WA, taking exceptional care of you and your vehicle is our number one goal. With our highly trained and certified technicians, your car will receive the exceptional service it deserves. With extensive experience on all makes of BMW vehicles, we have the skills and experience necessary to keep your car running smooth. From annual services, engine maintenance, or repair, we have you covered. As a courtesy to our clients, we offer a fleet of courtesy vehicles and shuttle services, to ensure that you’re able to go about your day without any disruptions. With a 4.9 star review on Google and a 99% customer satisfaction rating, we strive to go above and beyond. With all of our services, we do a comprehensive inspection complete with detailed reports and photographs to give you the information you need to keep your car running smoothly. Backed by our industry leading 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on parts and labor, clients feel comfortable knowing that they’re taken care of and that their car will receive excellent service. Give us a call today at 360-993-7802 to schedule an appointment or BMW Service today. With quick availability, great turnaround times, and a fleet of loaner vehicles, you and your car will be taken care... read more

5 Simple Steps For Getting Your Vehicle Ready For Winter

Winter is coming, and for us in the Pacific Northwest, specifically the Vancouver Portland metro area, that means rain, more rain, and probably snow. And while we’ve come to expect this, sometimes we need a reminder to get us prepared. The worst time to have issues with your car is A: when you need it, and B: when it’s cold outside.  Both A and B seem to always happen at the same time, so here are 5 tips to decrease your chances of auto issues this winter. Battery Batteries typically have a harder time operating in cold weather than they do in warm weather. As a result, a weak battery that made it through the summer may be a dead battery in the winter. We suggest having a volt test performed on your battery to make sure it’s in good working order. You don’t want to be stuck in inclement weather over a simple fix that is easily avoidable. Coolant Coolant, also referred to as antifreeze, is extremely important as it keeps your car engine from freezing in cold temperatures. It’s incredibly vital to make sure your coolant levels are good and also ensure there isn’t any leaks or other issues. Tires All-wheel drive is great for winter, but a lot of people don’t have it, and even if you do “it doesn’t help with braking and turning” according to Woody Rogers, Director of Product Information for Tire Rack. Making sure your tires are in good condition, or having new winter tires will provide improved traction and can easily be the difference to keeping your car on the road... read more


Honda Fit: Surging and hesitating while driving at highway speeds: This customer brought her vehicle that was surging and hesitating while driving at freeway speeds. The check engine (service engine soon) light was not on and never illuminated for the customer. We road tested and verified the concern. We used the scan tool to check for codes, no codes were present. We then road tested and looked at the cylinder misfire data, we noticed when we experienced the surging the engine was misfiring on cylinder #1. When we removed the spark plugs and inspected them we found worn spark plugs. We then tested the ignition coil and found that the coil had weak spark output. We replaced all spark plugs and the cylinder #1 ignition coil. After the repair we road tested the vehicle and the hesitation and surging were no longer... read more